Green Britain Day – Choose your team

Today (Friday 10th July 2009, for anyone reading this retrospectively!) is the first ever Green Britain Day, organized by the Eden Project. It is all about team work; coming together to do simple & fun activities to fight climate change.

As well as some organized events up and down the country which you can attend – there are 5 ‘teams’ to choose from in your campaign for a greener Britain:

Team Energy – All about cutting the energy we use at home

Team Swap – Swapping your old stuff with someone else’s old stuff so it all becomes new stuff!

TeamgreenBritanDay Big Lunch – Get to know your neighbours by sharing a big lunch, try it, you never know you might like them!

Team A to B – Leave the car at home whenever possible

EcoTeams – Start your own eco team with friends, neighbours or colleagues and work towards self set goals to help the environment

As you can see, this isn’t just about today, these ‘teams’ offer guidelines on how to live a greener life day to day, and there is no time like the present to start. Instead of all sitting in your individual homes this weekend, why not walk round to your mate’s house, where you can cook one curry together, take beers out of one fridge and watch one TV. Or organize a clothes swap party; not only will you clear the stuff out of your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in years, but you’ll acquire a load of new clothes for free without leaving the comfort of your own home!


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