Why a water meter is the ideal retro appliance

The water meter is coming back with a vengeance, and we should be welcoming it with open arms, as not only will it save money on water bills (which would be welcome relief in a time of ever increasing prices) but it will help save the environment as well.SaveWaterSaveLife

The Environment Agency has recently laid out it recommendations for the reduction of water usage in the UK in its ‘Water Resources Strategy’, and one of their proposals is to dramatically increase the number of houses in the UK using water meters. They claim that the UK is almost unique among developed countries in that most households are not metered, despite the fact that people with water meters tend to use 10-15% less water.

The EA also claims that by 2050 climate change could reduce the amount of water available by 10-15%, and with an extra 20 million people by this point, resources will be stretched even further.

Most manufacturers are already acting on advice such as this and producing more and more energy efficient appliances. The technology in Zanussi Jetsystem washing machines acts like a built in water meter; sensing the size of the wash and automatically adjusting the time, energy and water used accordingly.

Most homes are entitled to have a water meter fitted for free, so there really is no reason not to start saving money and resources. All you need to do is contact your water company to arrange an assessment of your home, and you can start paying only for what you use. Not only is this great for your pocket, but the more aware you are of your water use the more careful you are and the less you use, so great for the environment as well.


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