6 ways to save energy with your fridge

Open_fridgeIt is a legal requirement that all new kitchen appliances now come with their energy rating prominently displayed for the consumer, hence why the majority of appliances now how a high energy efficiency rating! For some, the knowledge that they are buying an eco friendly appliance is enough, but other, more eco-conscious consumers, want to know how to further improve the efficiency of their appliances day to day; so here are 6 ways to make sure yours is an energy efficient fridge.

  1. Always let hot food cool completely before putting it in the fridge, as your refrigerator will use an increased amount of energy if it has to cooling food down.
  2. Don’t open the door more frequently than you need to, and don’t hold it open for extended periods (for example, when putting milk in your tea, or deciding what to have for dinner!) as the fridge then has to work harder to cool down the interior again.
  3. When installing a new fridge, try not to place the appliance next to a heating appliance or in direct sunlight, as energy consumption will increase as the fridge works harder to keep its interior cool.
  4. When going on holiday, make sure you empty your fridge of all food that is going to go off whilst you away, and turn the refrigerator temperature up so unnecessary energy isn’t wasted.
  5. Make sure there is a gap between the back of the fridge and the wall for ventilation. If hot air cannot escape then the fridge will again have to work extra hard to keep cool.
  6. Dust the refrigerator coils regularly. Although being located at the back of the fridge, they fall into the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ category when it comes to housework, it will stop the fridge working efficiently if they get clogged with dust etc.fridge_coils

Following these steps will help make an eco-fridge out of your existing appliance. However if you feel your refrigerator is past redemption and you want to invest in a more energy efficient fridge, then make sure you choose one suitable for your needs. For example buying a fridge larger than you need will not only use unnecessary energy, but will waste money on your electricity bills.


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