Whirlpool 6th sense – intelligent, energy efficient technology

6thsenseblogBack in the Fifties Britain thought the 21st century would bring all ends of technological innovation. We thought we’d be wearing silver jumpsuits, have robots at our beck and call and we’d commute by strapping on our jetpacks and zooming to the office. A most bizarre notion…or was it?

Well we’re not exactly zipping around in silver jumpsuits but technology can certainly do some clever things nowadays! Things that’ll make your life easier and help preserve our planet at the same time. Appliance-innovator Whirlpool has introduced a range of kitchen utilities with 6th sense technology.

6th sense washing machines measure the load size, fridges monitor temperature to keep food at its freshest and they’ve even got oven packages which automatically cook food to perfection.

Whirlpool 6th sense technology allows you to save time and energy in the kitchen – great if (like me) you seem to have less and less time to focus on these vital household tasks. My favourite product is the fantastically futuristic 6th sense oven.

It controls the entire cooking process to ensure perfect results, by sensing the weight of food and the temperature inside the oven, reacting to changes and adjusting the cooking time. Because you’re not using excess power to cook, you eliminate unnecessary energy wastage – great for planet Earth (and even better for your bank account!).

The only thing it doesn’t do is the dishes. But for that you can use the 6th sense dishwasher!


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