Save water, use your dishwasher


If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re being lazy by putting your pots in the dishwasher, think again. You’re actually doing your bit to help conserve water here on planet Earth.

Did you know that if households currently washing by hand switched to dishwashers, they would save a total of 125,110,311,970 litres of water a year? That’s the equivalent of filling Wembley Stadium 110 times over.

According to Zanussi, the average household will do two or three handwashes a day which can consume up to 60 litres of water? Typically a dishwasher uses less than 16 litres.

Its TempoLine ZDF2020 dishwashers, to be launched at the end of October, feature five programmes, including a Quick 30 for four slightly dirty place settings that can deliver an A-rated wash in just 30 minutes. An Auto halfload feature automatically determines whether there is a full load or half-load in the machine and adapts the water and energy accordingly.

So what’s the down side to dishwashing? Electricity. Obviously it costs to power the appliance but research shows a dishwasher will cost no more than £40 a year to run in energy, based on using it for one wash per day.
So the moral of this tale; you can save water by using a dishwasher, but it’ll cost you slightly more in energy bills. To get the most out of your appliance as well as stay as green as possible, make sure you wash on a full load, not more than once a day.


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