Energy saving laundry advice – World’s first cold-wash washing machine

Energy Saving WeekColdWash_washingmachine runs from 19-25 Oct and is all about finding ways to save energy and fight climate change.

There are many ways you can save energy at home, one of which is washing clothes at a lower temperature. There are now several brands of detergent which will allow you to effectively wash fabrics at 30°C.

AEG has gone one step further however, working with Proctor and Gamble to produce the world’s first cold-wash washing machine.

The new SuperEco coldwash technology saves 83% of energy compared with easy-care 40°C washes and 72% compared with easy-care 30°C washes.

The washing machine conserves energy but not at the expense of your wash results, it works using cold activated washing powders and solutions. The washing machine uses just 0.1kWh of energy consumption per wash, against an average consumption of 1.24kWh.

And in addition to these energy saving credentials the AEG-Electrolux Super Eco L64580LE uses only 41 litres of water, 9 litres less than the average wash.

This washing machine will be launched in November but until then why not implement some more energy/water saving schemes into your laundry routine?

• Pre-soak very dirty clothes then wash at a lower temperature
• Wash a full load when possible – a full load uses less energy than multiple half loads
• Don’t over-dry clothes. If you take clothes out of the machine while they are still slightly damp you reduce the need for ironing.
• Auto-drying settings as opposed to timers are useful as your machine judges the length of time needed to dry and won’t use excess energy.
• Dry clothes outside on sunny days! Eliminate the need to use your dryer altogether.
• And my personal favourite… if you have a tumble condenser dryer, use the collected water to feed your house plants!


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