Pyrolytic technology, for those of us who hate oven cleaning

Pyrolytic ovenAs I writhed on the kitchen floor yesterday evening shining a torch into the deepest, darkest nooks and crannies of my oven I sincerely wished there was an easier way to go about cleaning it. My oven is relatively new as it came with the flat but is seriously lacking in the extra features department. Yes ok, it does its job and it does it relatively well but by night I dream of steam cooking functions, induction hobs and Pyrolytic easy cleaning technology.

After last night’s elbow grease escapade, Pyrolytic cleaning in particular tickles my fancy so I went on a Google hunt this morning to find out more. I have summarised by findings below…

Pyrolytic cleaning basically involves heating your oven to very high temperatures (about 500°C).
• It disintegrates burnt on food into a small pile of ash which can be swept away. No more scrubbing!
Pyrolysis is an emerging green technology. The process doesn’t involve using any harsh chemical cleaning products so pyrolysis is more environmentally friendly than traditional cleaning methods.
• It takes considerably less time and effort to perform the task.
• If you think heating your oven to these extreme temperatures will cost a fortunate think again, it costs about 50p per cleaning. And let’s face it, most of us don’t clean our ovens more than three times a year.

Personally I find the downside to Pyrolytic cleaning is that I can’t install it on my existing oven (which is so new it doesn’t yet warrant a change). But for those of you looking to replace your old cooker in the near future I’d certainly recommend oven packages including Pyrolytic cleaning.


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