Green facts about gas cookers

Many cooks choose gas cookers, especially gas hobs for their quick response which allows for easy regulation of temperature. But depending on how you use your gas cooker you can cause a lot of wastage or save energy. Read our five facts about gas cooking. Can you save energy with a gas cooker?

1. Although gas ovens typically use a tiny amount more energy than electric ovens, the lower CO2 output per unit of gas far outweighs this difference.
2. Electricity emits twice as much CO2 per unit.
3. Electricity is about four times more expensive than gas. A household could save £50 a year by switching from an electric cooker.
4. If you cover the pot on a gas stove it will boil in a fraction of the time of a pot with.
5. Using a pan which covers the entire ring ensures no heat is lost and heats the pan more efficiently.
I hope these tips will help reduce your energy bills and make your household greener!


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