Save money and energy on smaller washes with Bosch

So you’ve got a 6kg washing machine that’ll take 30 shirts but you’ve only got 10 to put in the wash. You can’t wait because you need at least one clean shirt for your big meeting/ mate’s wedding/ night out on the tiles. What do you do?

The Bosch WAE24364GB gives you a solution! Its half load function allows you to thoroughly wash half a load of clothes without wasting energy and money. The function uses a fraction of the amount of energy and water as a normal programme, so you get clean shirts without the wastage.

Additionally, to make life a little easier, the Bosch washing machine 1200spin has a mixed load function so you can pop in several fabrics at once in a single cycle. This saves you time and means you don’t have to wait till you’ve run out of clothes to wash a full load.


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