The refreshing power of Samsung Air

Samsung Air refresh washing machine

The Samsung Air Refresh washing machine

In 2010 I predict we’ll be seeing a lot more steam technology being used in kitchen appliances. From cooking to cleaning steam is taking the market by storm, offering great results, quick programmes and environmental benefits.

Samsung Air Refresh washing machines are a bestselling appliance in the UK because of their versatility. As well as a range of normal wash cycles, the steam capacity in this Samsung washing machine allows users to quickly revitalise fabrics which don’t require a full wash.

The Samsung Air Refresh programme is great for bulky items like coats, jumpers or soft toys which normal wash cycles can ruin.

How does Samsung Air Refresh cycle work?

The Samsung washing machine uses an innovative process drawing air into the washing machine, heating it and streaming it over the clothes, bedding or other items. It takes just 30 minutes, giving you items which smell fresh and clean.

Another benefit of Samsung Air Refresh is its smoothing capabilities. Like a steam iron the hot air removes creases from fabric which lessens the need for ironing – one of the nation’s least favourite chores.

Who validated the Samsung Air Refresh machines?

All Samsung washing machines with this steam feature have been assessed independently and validated by EMPA, Switzerland’s materials, science and technology research institution. They tested the results of the programme on a range of fabrics and compared the results to washing hung outdoors. The findings iterated that Samsung Air revitalised sweaty or smoky clothes significantly faster.

Which Samsung washing machine?

One of the best selling Samsung Air washing machines is the WF8702RSW which offers a 7kg capacity and an A+ energy rating. Great for a larger family looking to save on their energy bills!


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