Dishwasher AAA –what does it mean?

Dishwasher AAA

Dishwasher AAA

When you come across ratings on appliances such as “Dishwasher AAA”, you may wonder what the letters stand for. Even if you paid attention to nothing else in school, you’ll be aware that at A grade is generally considered excellent. But what do the As on appliances stand for?

  • The first A refers to wash performance – so how well does the appliance clean? So how long does it take for the appliance to thoroughly
  • The second A is energy efficiency – how much electricity does your dishwasher use and how much will it cost to run?
  • The third and final A points to the machine’s drying performance – this often depends on whether residual or active drying is used, and therefore how dry your pots are when they are taken from the dishwasher.

A dishwasher AAA rated should be the first choice for buyers looking for a high performance, low energy appliance. Although it may typically cost more at the outset you will quickly make up (and exceed) the difference through energy efficiency. An A rated appliance is 10% more energy efficient than a B rated one.
To choose your dishwasher AAA rated, visit Appliances Online.


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